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Senior Soul Singers

I am now offering "Senior Soul Singers", Zoom classes for individuals and groups, dedicated to the pursuit of the joy of singing!

As much as we love to sing, many of us are stymied in our vocal lives. The truth is we ALL can learn to turn our bodies into perfect wind instruments. We can sound as wonderful at age 80 as we did at age 18, if we know how. Like so much in life, technique is everything.


My Zoom classes will help you upgrade your ability to sing AND have fun doing it by learning these easy basics: Breath Control (the secret of a long life), proper Posture, and Resonance (the amazing ability of your body to channel and amplify sound).   


How would it be for YOU to crank out the blues, folk songs, jazz standards, an opera aria or two, any kind of music that floats your boat. Zoom classes run 45 minutes, and are inexpensive too. Your sessions can be solo for you alone or in a group of you and your friends. All musical genres are appropriate, all ages over 60 are welcome. The satisfaction and JOY of making music is the idea behind "Senior Soul Singers".


Scientists tell us that people who sing live 5 to 10 years longer than people who don't! Why? Because the human body LOVES for us to use our breath well, and have sound traveling through us. Sound heals! As my vocal teacher, the famous Gibner King, once said: "the voice has no age". And, truly, besides being HEALTHY, singing is just plain FUN! Join Us!

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